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Satya – Space to Breathe

Satya - Space to Breathe

Transformational Breath© Facilitator & Group Leader


For more than 25 years, Satya has naturally aligned her career in psychology with the wisdom of the ancient healing arts. A certified Transformational Breath® facilitator and group leader, yoga teacher, energy medicine practitioner, and life-long student of life, she is passionate about supporting others to embody a deep understanding of the organic natural intelligence of their own bodies.

She is honoured to have supported clients in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Switzerland, Spain and throughout Europe with classes, workshops, trainings, retreats and magazine features.

Breathwork is central to her practice, for it not only facilitates healing of the physical body, heart and mind, but also serves an evolutionary function for the spirit..

As a method of self-empowerment, Satya uses Transformational Breath®️ for it’s power and simplicity to open restricted breathing patterns, super-oxygenate the body and clear ’emotional baggage’.

Satya invites you to befriend those parts of yourself that have forgotten your light and power… and integrate, activate and step into their wisdom.