Breathe Gathering

A Guide to Breathe Gathering

Although Breathe Gathering go to every length to ensure you have an absolute blast while you’re here, it is important to come prepared.

Below we have outlined some essential information to assist you in your preparation and visit to Breathe Retreat.

Things to bring:

  • 1. Bring some warm clothes for the night.�
  • 2. Bring a tent and sleeping bag, pillows etc.
  • 3. Bring your own hygiene items such as soap, towels, toothpaste & brush.
  • 4. Bring your own toilet paper or use ours located near the compost toilets.
  • 5. Bring a torch
  • 6. You could consider some good footwear too.
  • 7. Bring bottled water.
  • 8. Car pool. As much as is humanly possible we ask if you can arrange car pooling. Its better for the environment &  easier on the land.

Things not to bring or do.

  • No dogs. Sorry but the site is small and loud and not suitable for dogs.
  • Don’t defecate in the bushes. Use the compost toilets or one of several urinals dotted around the site.
  • Please respect the local community and avoid trespassing on neighbouring land.
  • Long vehicles will not be able to access the site. Anything longer than 6 meters will struggle to make the bends in the tiny track leading to the site. This includes caravans wider than 220cm.
  • We don’t encourage drinking alcohol or taking other substances on site.

Things to definately do.

  • Smile. Smile a lot. Its healthy on so many levels.
  • Bring your magical, creativity and ingenuity. This is your canvas.
  • Most importantly…HAVE FUN!!!

Life is a celebration and we are meant to dance!