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Marju Kivi – Sensorial Star

Marju Kivi - Sensorial Star


Marju Kivi is an entrepreneur, Founder of Sensorial Star, Certified Hypnotherapist, Student of Professional Aromatherapy, Distiller of Essential Oils and Perfumer.

Her main goal is to help ambitious people to gain incredible confidence through connection to
their senses.

How to connect yourself to the subconscious mind and free yourself from unwanted behaviours or

This group session leads you through a journey to the subconscious mind and demonstrates how
to connect yourself to the desired outcome. You will be guided by Marju Kivi using studied techniques. What is phenomenal about this session
is that your goal will be associated with a scent.

In the post-session experience, this association allows you instantly to “get back on track” when you need to.

Session length 60 Minutes

Required: to participate in this group session one shall not use substances/stimulants before the

Aromatherapy blending

How can you design your personal aromatherapy blend according to your individual preferences
for scent and the needs of the moment?

In this workshop participants will discover their favorite essential oils and design their ideal
combination for everyday use. We will work with unique and pure essential oils. Each participant
takes home the designed blend.

Workshop length: 120 Minutes

Natural Perfumery blending

What would you imagine your favorite natural perfume smells like? How would you feel wearing
that artwork designed by you? If this resonates with you, then this Natural Perfumery Blending
workshop is the one you should not miss.
100% natural ingredients allow you to discover, feel and test the ideal combination with your skin
chemistry. Each participant takes home the designed perfume.

Workshop length: 120 minutes.