Breathe Gathering

The Sanctuary - Zen Healing

At Breathe Gathering, we believe that cultivating well-being is essential to living an abundant and fulfilling life. This is why we offer an extensive range of transformative practices, including reiki, tantra, spirit guidance, herbal medicine, tarot, crystal healing, aromatherapy massage, and more…

Immerse yourself in a holistic multiverse and fully embrace the transformative power of our festival. Our diverse roster of therapists hailing from all corners of the globe is dedicated to helping attendees replenish, decompress, and revitalize, especially after a long day of dancing.

From sound healing to guided meditations, our program is consistently being updated to offer exciting new ways to connect with oneself and others. Don’t forget to indulge in a rejuvenating massage treatment*, the perfect way to unwind and recharge.

As you prepare for the experience of a lifetime, we encourage you to leave your selfie stick, mobile phone, and national flags at home. To achieve a state of true oneness and live in the present, it is important to let go of distractions that can hinder your journey. Connect with the present moment and allow yourself to be inspired on a path of spiritual and emotional growth.


Aromatherapy Workshops

Connecting Body and Emotions

Transformational Breathe Work Sessions

Reclaiming Power over the Past

Transcending Obstacles & Divine Purpose Alignment

Unlock the Past

Transformational Breath©– Facilitator & Group Leader

Tom Sukarak - Sound Therapist

Ceremonial Services. 1to1 and group.

Somatic Movement Dance & Authentic Expression

Wild Wisdom Experiences

Intuitive Massage

Group Session