Breathe Gathering

Breathe Gathering celebrates the transformative power of visionary arts and wellness through the creation of a sacred and immersive environment.
We strive to provide a space where dancers and starseeds, indigos, and rainbow warriors can fully express their physical, metaphysical, and spiritual selves while connecting with their tribe.
Our ethos is deeply rooted in promoting personal growth, self-discovery, and a sense of interconnectedness with the universe and each other. We hold a torch of wisdom for others to embrace and want to see the world thrive alongside us.
The festival grounds will be carefully curated to foster introspection, creativity, and unity. Upon entering, attendees will be greeted by awe-inspiring art installations, vibrant colors, flowing fabrics, and enchanting landscapes that create a truly transformative experience.
Our long-term goal is to work with nature to promote natural processes and transform the space into a sacred garden of art and nature, woven together to form a magical labyrinth.
Breathe Gathering features diverse and eclectic musical programming that showcases a wide variety of music styles, including Ecstatic Dance, Psybient, Dub, Psytech, and Progressive.
Awakening Temple – The main stage, with a special focus on Psytech and Progressive, features renowned and undiscovered DJs and live acts who curate sets that encourage free expression, uninhibited movement, and spiritual exploration through dance, enhanced with visually stimulating and inspiring decor.
Aura Temple – (Chillout Stage) provides a comforting and welcoming experience, combining and crossing the genre chillout and downtempo sounds created by our talented and experimental DJs and live performers.
In the Chakra Temple, attendees have the opportunity to participate in guided movement workshops, ecstatic dance sessions, sound healing experiences, soap making, arts, and crafts workshops, and so much more. We are passionate about uplifting spirits, creating conscious communities, and co-creating a beautiful world.

Humble beginnings Feb 2024

Our Land

Nestled in the heart of central Portugal, Breathe Retreat is almost a blank canvas at this stage of our collective journey.
We will work with nature to transform this space into a magical garden of inspiration, education and healing for everyone who visits. For our launch party, this land is perfect. Only 1.5 hectares and easily accessible by car or motorhome.�
Restricted to 220cm & 700cm long so you dont damage your private conveyance. Parking is available in the village or on the main road.
We are limited to 60 cars on site so please bare that in mind and try to ‘Car Pool’.